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Kelle Schmidt

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor | MA, LCPC

Hi! My name is Kelle and I’m happy to introduce myself. I grew up in Nebraska, daughter of a farmer. I learned about sacrifice, integrity, and hard work. I also learned to be a good listener which led me to pursue a psychology degree and subsequently to earn a master’s degree in School Guidance and Counseling. I worked for 19 years as a school counselor; ten years at the intermediate level and nine years at the high school level. I love working with young people and their families. I began a business called Cornerstone Counseling, Inc with another counselor and began working part-time in evenings. We have been operating this business for 30 years. I eventually left the school system and became a full time licensed professional counselor. The most important thing to know about me is that my faith in Jesus propels me to obey His calling on my life; to provide counseling out of my love for His people and for those who do not yet know Him. Jesus is the hope for any situation an individual or family faces. Treasures are often found in dark places which can take time and a safe place to unearth. For more information please visit my website. I look forward to meeting you.

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