Oxana Stebbins, PhD
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Dr. Oxana Stebbins

Licensed Clinical Psychologist | Ph.D.

I provide remote services only

Dr. Stebbins is a licensed clinical Christian psychologist and founder of the Anxiety & OCD Treatment Center. She provides highly specialized treatment grounded in research for anxiety and related disorders, including OCD and depression, across most states via telehealth for adults ages 18+.

You may be feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle of anxiety and behaviors that just never seem to make it better, or even make it worse, and it’s starting to crowd over things that are important to you. Fear may be dictating what you can and can’t do, shrinking the quality of your life. You may not feel good enough, or you started to get depressed from the impact of symptoms on your life or your faith life, wondering if it’s ever going to get better. You may be discouraged from unhelpful therapy, or are reluctant to pursue therapy to begin with. It is especially important for you to receive effective treatment to achieve freedom from anxiety and depression, so that it’s not impacting your faith life, and to lead a values-driven (not fear-driven) life, based on your terms.

Dr. Stebbins received specialized training in mood and anxiety disorders during her postdoctoral fellowship at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center after earning her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. Dr. Stebbins trained in an intensive outpatient program (IOP) severe to extreme OCD with youth and their parents. She completed internship at the VA Ann Arbor/University of Michigan Healthcare System, where she trained in full model Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), or those with difficulty managing intense emotions and problems with suicidal and other behavior. Dr. Stebbins recognized a need for Christians to receive effective and evidence-based treatment, and availability of Christian providers (particularly doctoral-level psychologists) who they can trust, thus she prioritized getting quality education and training to fill this gap. After her training, Dr. Stebbins has worked in an anxiety specialty group practice in Washington, D.C. and Christian-based group practice in NJ. Her subspecialty is working with Christians and some of the issues that may intersect with their symptoms, and finds this work on the integration of psychology and Christianity especially meaningful and fulfilling, so please reach out!

Clients working with Dr. Stebbins find that they progress in their anxiety treatment goals much more quickly than if they were to go to traditional long term psychotherapy for these particular concerns due to the highly specialized nature of her training and the need for appropriate treatment in this population. Thus, clients often see progress in 3-6 months of weekly appointments on average (though this depends on the individual client), compared to several years of possibly ineffective therapy. This makes therapy more cost-effective over the long run and less disruptive to your life due to the impact of symptoms and investment of dedicated time for therapy. Dr. Stebbins views therapy as a short-term investment with a long term impact. She provides intensive treatment options for those who wish to progress even faster or who have less time for treatment later on. Not receiving appropriate and effective treatment can lead to discouragement in the therapy process, hopelessness about getting better, worsening of symptoms, and wasted money and time. Dr. Stebbins is passionate about providing expert-level, evidence-based and quality treatment grounded in research for Christians.

Dr. Stebbins individualizes treatment using CBT and exposure-based therapy, and enjoys incorporating humor. Clients also find her relatable and genuine. She prioritizes quality over quantity and believes in modeling self-care, thus limits her caseload and invests in ongoing education to continue providing expert quality services for optimal results. She enjoys experiencing clients come alive when they’ve broken out of the anxiety cycles that were keeping them stuck and limiting their freedom.

To inquire about services or get started, fill out the new client inquiry form at www.anxietyocdtc.com/contact.
To learn more, see my website at www.anxietyocdtc.com (please review the FAQ page).

Though I don’t take insurance directly, I provide you with monthly Superbills, which has all the information insurances need to reimburse you after services if you have Out-of-Network benefits (most PPO plans do). See my website for more information.
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