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Elizabeth Pearce

Licensed Psychologist | Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist

Deep down, you are resilient, and in your struggles there waits an opportunity to grow stronger and wiser. Believing this, I offer counseling for a wide variety of issues including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, postpartum issues, relationship problems, abuse recovery, and more. When you feel overwhelmed, I offer a safe, compassionate place to explore your feelings and experiences, and will collaborate with you to build the skills to move forward in your life and relationships.

I love working with clients to discover how past experiences might be preventing you from functioning optimally in the present. For those who desire Christian therapy, I offer counseling that integrates spiritual issues and works within your understanding of faith and Scripture. Biblical truths unlock the door to healing, especially when applied in harmony with psychological insights (such as the role of the nervous system in relationships and emotional responses).

Whatever your specific challenges are, I feel confident that together we can get to the heart of the problem and empower you to create meaningful change in your life. I want you to feel supported and to know you are capable of reaching your goals, in life and in your relationships.

I earned my bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees at Christian institutions. I particularly value the Christian integration that was woven throughout my psychology training, clinical supervision, and now clinical practice. The deepest healing takes place when everyone in the room senses that something sacred is happening; that the Holy Spirit is present; that God is speaking through His Word to guide us to truth. I look forward to coming alongside you with the best of both Scriptural counsel and psychological expertise, to get to the heart of the issues and move toward wellness.

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