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Dr. Thomas Maple

Licensed Psychologist | Ph.D

Dr. Thomas Maple is the founder and manager of Crosswalk Psychological Services. In over 30 states, Dr. Maple provides telepsychology sessions state-wide via a secure online audio-video connection or via a plain phone call. A patient who does not reside within one of Dr. Maple’s jurisdictions can participate in a session by driving across a state line to one of those jurisdictions and participating from one’s parked car. Please see the list of Dr. Maple’s jurisdictions on his practice’s website by copying and pasting the following address into your web browser: https://crosswalknow.com/jurisdictions.

Using a computer or phone, a patient can participate in a therapy session from home, from the workplace, from a parked car, or from any location that is private. For marriage therapy or family therapy, the spouses or family members can participate without being in the same location, provided that each of them is located in one of Dr. Maple’s jurisdictions.

In 1996, Dr. Maple earned the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Auburn University for his advanced study in psychology. Through administrative, professional, and faculty positions, he has served Auburn University, East Carolina University, Faulkner University, The Florida State University, and The University of Georgia. Through various roles, he has supervised the clinical work of numerous graduate students in mental health fields. Through his private clinical practice, he has served countless individuals, couples, and families.

His past volunteer work includes service in the leadership of the Alabama Psychological Association as Chair of APA’s Ethics Committee and as Chair of APA’s Academic and Scientific Affairs Committee. He has also served on the Obesity Task Force of the Alabama Department of Public Health.

After working as an employee of public and private agencies, Dr. Maple felt a passion to create a psychological services agency that has the Holy Bible as its foundation. His professional passion is for helping people grow into their God-given potential. He is licensed or certified to practice telepsychology in over 30 states and will add more states to his jurisdictions list in the months to come. If you would like to ask a question about our services, please call us.

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