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Rev. Nadira Mahabir

Licensed Master Social Worker | MSW, LMSW

I provide remote services only

I am a Licensed Social Worker with years of experience with all age levels and people groups. I have a knack for making very good therapeutic alliances with my clients which helps in the work that I do. Clients feel relaxed and are able to do deep work on issues that are not easy to talk about. I will guide you in this journey of self-discovery and healing, restoration and enjoyment of life. You will gain the skills that will help you to build trust, confidence, and self-worth. I will assist you on regaining your life from traumas.
Life is not easy, and when it throws curve balls at you, most of the time, you are not prepared for it. This is what creates the crisis and the subsequent trauma. Let me help you restructure your thoughts and refocus your life goals. I can help you regain value and meaning in life. I can help you with identity issues, trust issues & relationship issues.
I will help you focus on rebuilding your self-esteem and develop and clarify your needs. Let me help you tackle the difficulties of rejection, hopelessness, broken hearts, and dreams and guide you in re-establishing yourself on the path of a fulfilled life.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth