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Mr. Jason Wilson

Licensed Professional Counselor | MS, LPC

I want to start by saying I am honored and excited about the opportunity to serve you or your church family’s needs. I have been married since May of 1992 and in our marriage, my wife and I are blessed with three children. In February of 2016, I completed a 20 year Full-Time career in the U.S. Army and Army National Guard where I have many of my own experiences concerning trauma, family hardships, deployments, separation, reintegration, and a global-cultural view of over 20 countries. My practice revolves around Systems Theory, Family Therapy, and the healing process of Person Centered Therapy, all of which I am able to integrate into a very in-depth Biblical/Spiritual counseling process, if the client so chooses. I have been serving clients both within the United States and several countries around the globe since June 2015. I have extensive background experience in marriage and relationship development/therapy, PTSD of veterans and civilians alike, teen development/therapy, parenting/co-parenting, trauma, loss/grief, addictions, anxiety, depression, men’s issues, end of life and a collage of other dynamics.
Faithful Counseling
My faith counseling also ranges from an intensely integrated Biblical therapy approach with marriages, pastoral care, pastoral family care, missionary care, Biblical/Spiritual confusion, and many types of other concerns such as addictions (porn, alcohol, drugs, sex, and the world), pre/current/post-divorce care, PTSD (specializing in veterans), blended families, and pre-marital.
I base my therapy techniques mostly on my client’s needs extending from Inter-Generational aspects, Emotional Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Acceptance/Commitment models.
It will always be my intent to help my clients through any situation they may be facing no matter how large or small. I take pride in providing my clients with quality care. Helping others through their pains caused from trauma and life’s difficulties is what I love doing most. I look forward to meeting you and walking a journey together.

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