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Kimberly J. Ward

Licensed Professional Counselor | LPC

Kimmy holds an MS degree in Professional Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Idaho (LPC-8249). Prior to counseling, Kimmy served in overseas ministry working with displaced people groups from diverse backgrounds, providing support for families through their traumas and daily struggles. She worked closely with other missionaries and churches, gaining insight into effective spiritual leadership and healthy ministry relationships. Her time overseas was instrumental in her desire to become a professional counselor.

Kimmy also had the privilege of coaching others in discerning their own ministry roles according to their unique giftings, personalities, and strengths. She enjoys being able to integrate skillsets learned in ministry with psychology and counseling tools.

Kimmy is passionate about working with children in areas of emotional and behavioral development, utilizing play as part of therapy while teaching individualized coping skills and coaching/collaborating with parents along the way. She also works with teens and individuals using CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), mindfulness techniques, and Biblical guidance to help support healing from emotional issues such as anxiety and depression.

Kimmy enjoys adventuring with her husband and 3 children, whether it be hiking, camping, sailing, or biking!