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Itamara Stocker

Licensed Professional Counselor – Candidate | MS, LPC-C

I believe we are complex multifaceted beings created by God. For this reason, I take a holistic approach to counseling and am passionate about helping others find meaning in life as we explore how the mind, physical body, and spiritual side work together. I have a background in working with survivors of domestic violence, providing parenting and domestic violence classes, and working with children and teens. While I specialize in counseling that integrates the Christian faith with clinically proven interventions, I greatly care for and respect every individual that comes to see me on their life journey. I offer my services in both English and Spanish. I currently work with women in all stages of life, couples, teenagers, and children.

As someone who has gone to counseling herself, I want to be for you what I once needed someone else to be for me: a great listener, compassionate and respectful, empathic, and hopeful. I believe that we can find meaning and purpose even in the most difficult of times and that true healing can happen when we find our purpose and place in God’s ultimate divine plan. I enjoy using the Bible and prayer in counseling and my goal is that you will feel the love of Jesus Christ as we dive into whatever you may be facing.

As part of my own life journey, I want to serve you by providing a safe environment where you feel heard and seen. Whether you are looking for in-person or remote teletherapy, I would love to get to know you and develop a therapeutic relationship that can help you grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. Interested in getting started? Call the office to schedule an appointment or send me an email today so we can connect!

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