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Alan Ketterling

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MA, LMFT

Are you or your family dealing with the challenges of conflict, anxiety, depression, divorce, or another challenge? Is your child or teen struggling to manage emotions or having behavioral issues? These issues can impact you or your family’s ability to have strong meaningful connections and be overwhelming to deal with. This can be a confusing time for everyone in the family and you or your child may be feeling exhausted and have little hope that it can change.
As a relationship therapist, I understand that it’s important that everyone feels heard and understood in the therapy process. I will take an individualized approach to understanding how you or your family/child operates and help motivate each person for change. Together we will find meaningful ways to increase connection, coping, and communication.
I know taking the first step to seek help is a difficult one and I value that decision greatly. For that reason, I will work hard to build your trust and find solutions to help you and your family.

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